Company - About Us

Mission: Frontline Robotics is committed to keeping people out of harm's way with intelligent, mobile robots. If the task is dull, dangerous or dirty, robots should be in the front line. Our mission is to elevate the robotics industry to address the serious threats faced by our society. We will do this with integrity, imagination and a sense of adventure.

What We Do: Frontline Robotics develops robot platforms and tools that focus on public security and safety. Our core capabilities are machine perception and cognition, autonomy, collaboration, sensor fusion and security mission planning. We believe strongly in the applicability of robotics to public security because:

  • Mobile robots can detect and contain terrorist threats with 24/7 vigilance and loyalty.
  • Through the eyes, ears and multiple additionals sensors of a team of mobile robots, security forces get a close-in look at potential threats and can take action from a position of safety.
  • Mobile robots can 'disrupt and interdict' intruders at or near the point of intrusion, providing the security team valuable time in formulating a response.
  • Robots will save lives and protect economies.
  • Robots are expendable, people are not.

History: Frontline Robotics' co-founder is credited with building the world's first autonomous outdoor perimeter sentry, The Prowler, back in the mid-80's. This legacy of expertise was brought into play after 9/11 when the Company decided that robots would be needed for public security this decade.

Collaboration: The Robot Open Control (The ROC) is all about collaboration and so is our Company. We collaborate with the National Research Council of Canada to define an architecture for collaborative security missions between air, land and sea vehicles. We have diverse partners in sensing technology, platform design and construction, image processing and other areas. We're always looking for talented companies to help us address the security concerns facing our society.

Team: We're blessed with an extraordinary group of talented individuals who believe passionately in our mission. We have scientists with 30-40 years experience in realtime systems, autonomous navigation and AI. We have seasoned engineers who have delivered code, systems and industrial quality hardware across a variety of disciplines and technologies. We have senior managers who have decades of experience growing and operating companies. We have robotics pioneers and new recruits sharing the same bench space. And we're growing to address the challenges and global opportunities ahead.