Security Applications

Unmanned Surveillance Detection and Response (USDR) : The USDR concept is a complete autonomous perimeter security system, comprising teams of robots with one or more Base Station control environments and various peripherals, integrated with existing security assets and personnel.

System elements can include indoor and outdoor UGVs or other UxVs, as well as fixed sensors, end effectors and C4i networks.

USDR delivers crucial benefits where and when it counts:

  • Mobile robots provide a level of unpredictability not available with fixed sensor installations.
  • Robots are indifferent to putting themselves in harm's way and are replaceable.
  • Robots are tireless, always performing to their peak abilities. They don't get bored, take breaks or socialize. They don't get involved with 'inside jobs'.
  • Teams of robots apply multiple types of sensors to wide areas, delivering unprecedented group situational awareness.
  • Robots provide predictable, scheduled maintenance versus sickness and turnover.
  • Frontline Robotics will build and deliver USR systems as a team effort with our partners and customers.

USDR will play important roles in Homeland Security, Defense and Commercial Security applications.